Ankur Agarwal is from India. He holds a master’s in microprocessor systems and applications and is a gold medalist in electrical engineering (bachelor’s). He has been working in the publishing industry since 2005, and his other interests include cinema, languages & cultures, poetry, and the gray cyber world. He is a self-employed professional, reviews European and Indian cinema, and writes poetry and short fiction. He even gets published occasionally! He loves traveling; playing schafkopf, bridge, polignac (with handicaps), seep, and gin rummy; living in new places; fishing out potentially critical mistakes in manuscripts; speaking French; and walking on hill paths and seashores.

His favorite authors include Dostoyevsky, Dickens, Sir Walter Scott, RL Stevenson, and Henrik Ibsen. His favorite films include Nuovo Cinema Paradiso, Ben Hur, Children of a Lesser God, Summer Interlude, La Guerre Est Finie, Father and Daughter, Blue, The Verdict, Cheluvi, and Mackenna’s Gold. His favorite places to spend life at include Bangalore, Feldkirch, Marseille, Hollum, and Vienna.