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I am not suggesting here to blow up and dismantle the whole peer review system dead and buried, but the mentality that if something’s been published, better in prestigious journals, it’s something news-worthy at the zero end of the spectrum and something to turn the whole research direction into new grounds at the far zero end of the spectrum.

To start with the whole intent of the process, it happens just because you have an intermediate being called the editor of a journal, who is mostly a half-baked being, even if very well cooked. Read the rest of this entry »


The recent Scott Reuben fraud ( started me on this. A problem lies also outside of the immediate medical framework: the publishing world. The whole process of “acquisitions editor” and “development editor”—people with half-baked knowledge mostly—who run the show. The show might indeed be very profitable for the publishing companies themselves, but the deplorable fact remains that publishing has not even remained market-oriented but has become self-generating, self-consuming.

Market does not mean “library” to me: where you have taken the university representative in your pocket Read the rest of this entry »